Organic Growth
Acquisition Growth

Core Competencies

Risk Analysis & Implementation

Taking the necessary steps to ensure the future

Using over 80 years of experience-based knowledge, our corporate clients to identify and understand unique risks associated with their specific industry and ever-changing business needs, and developing a strategic plan for risk management.

Consulting on Work Comp Issues

Protecting against human related loss

Assessing our corporate clients’ current situations and plans regarding potential worker-related exposures, and devising a new plan to help them better understand and prepare for the financial impact of such exposures.

Safety Management and Loss Control

Proactively changing mindsets

Gaining a clear understanding of our clients’ facilities and operations to identify potential hazards and developing an action plan for cultural change to assist with reducing and eliminating such hazards.

Client Service

Peace of mind because we do the work

In order to meet the highest standards of client satisfaction, Pillar Group will implement a swift and thorough approach to addressing our clients’ needs. We put a lot of weight into our trust-based relationships.


Bonds that enable you to work

Using sound financial analysis and deep relationships with carriers to procure bonds that enable our clients’ business opportunities.

Claims Management

Reducing your pain

Working with carriers to facilitate and advocate, from start to finish, to accomplish the best possible outcome.

Personal Insurance

Protecting individuals’ lives, autos and homes

Identifying direct and indirect risks associated with individuals’ changing life needs and developing a strategic plan forward.