Organic Growth
Acquisition Growth

Core Values

CLIENTS: We value our clients by providing them with the very best insurance and financial products, services and support within our industry. We will do this by establishing and maintaining strong business relationships, providing value-added services, being friendly and respectful in all situations and showing empathy and support toward our clients throughout the claims process.

COMMUNITY: We value our communities by contributing our time, talents and resources and by being good stewards in making the communities we live in a better place.

EMPLOYEES: We value our employees, knowing they are our greatest asset. We expect our employees to conduct their business affairs with integrity, confidentiality and professionalism. We will strive to foster an open, honest, team-oriented and “Pro Dimond Bros.” environment for our employees to flourish both personally and professionally.

MANAGEMENT: We value our management team and expect all levels of management to lead by example and give our employees clear and consistent direction and communication. Our management team will be fair in all decisions and will uphold Dimond’s mission and vision statements at all times and in all situations.

ORGANIC GROWTH: We value organic growth by providing clear and achievable goals to all employees while giving them the necessary resources to reach said goals. Employees will be rewarded for their accomplishments.

ACQUISITION GROWTH: We value responsible growth through acquisition with partners who have similar goals, ethics, core values and professionalism. We will establish a “Win – Win” situation for our new partners and for Dimond Bros.

PROFIT: We value ethical profitability. We want to ensure that Dimond Bros. will remain competitive in the future and contribute to the financial security of our customers and our employees.