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Our Story

Pillar Group has a legacy of great relations based on our consistent focus on excellence and service. This is why our clients trust us.

That’s our success formula. It’s worked for over eighty years and we’re looking forward to the next eighty. Experience-based knowledge and trust-based relationships. These are the fundamental values that Pillar Group is based on.

Some highlights of our history include:

  • Today’s Pillar Group is a result of the 1993 acquisition of Herke Insurance Center by Philip R. Peterson and Daniel T. Touw.
  • In 2000, we changed our name to better reflect the core values of our firm and our approach to be a pillar of strength for our clients.
  • In 2012, John Hannon, III, President and Nancy Nonweiler, Chief Operating Officer became partners of Pillar Group.
  • In 2014, Pillar Group merged with Dimond Bros. Insurance, LLC out of Illinois becoming one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the country.

About Dimond Bros. Insurance, LLC.
When the Pillar Group merged with Dimond Bros. in 2014 they joined a long heritage of quality insurance service.  Founded in 1867 by Albert Dimond, the main goal of Dimond Bros. from the beginning has been to offer sound insurance coverage to the hard working people of the communities we serve.  With 35+ locations throughout the Midwest we have grown into a large company of independent insurance agencies that are service minded and highly professional.   Headquartered in Paris, IL, the Pillar-Dimond merger leaves us positioned to continue providing the high level of service and diversification our clients have come to know and expect.