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Cyber Attacks – Are you Prepared?

Unlike physical threats that prompt immediate action—like stop, drop and roll if you catch on fire—cyber threats are often difficult to identify and understand.



2015 Anthem Cyber Breach

After an online attack on Anthem, by far the largest breach in the industry, security experts
warned on Friday that more attacks on health care organizations were likely because of the high
value of the data on the black market.



Anthem Sued for Cyber Breach

The first lawsuits in the Anthem hack, the nation’s largest health care
breach to date, have been filed.



Using social media in a crisis: 7 best practices

The fundamental principle underlying good crisis management is to have a well-rehearsed and simple plan already set up, with protocols that spell out what each role-player has to do…and how.



The Small Business Cybersecurity Blindspot

Many believe that large corporations are more likely to be at risk from cyberattacks and IT system compromises than small or medium enterprises, but this assumption is wrong.



New Hazard Identification Tool from OSHA

OSHA’s Hazard Identification Training Tool is an interactive, online, game-based training tool for small business owners, workers and others interested in learning the core concepts of hazard identification.



7 tips for proactively managing fraud

A recent study looked at 350 investigations into fraud. What it revealed was a typical pattern of characteristics and activities on the part of fraudsters. Understanding these warning signs is an integral part of any risk management strategy.



Are You Ignoring 50% Of The Risks To Your Business?

Risks are often divided into four quadrants: strategic, financial, operational, and hazardous. Businesses tend to be very good at the former two.One key area of weakness, however, is the failure to leverage real-time risk intelligence.



Mitigating Business Interruption Exposures from Cyberattacks

What would happen to your business if a cyberattack disrupted online communications or transactions, shut down local or regional transportation, or caused a power outage?



Talent – A risk management essential

Risk management skill requires both sound analysis and seasoned judgment–neither of which is in plentiful supply. So attracting and retaining talented risk managers is a challenge–and essential.



Heartbleed: Free Tool to Check if a Website Is Safe

McAfee, part of Intel Security, has released a free tool to help consumers determine if a website they visit is safe or not.



6 best practices for implementing and enforcing social media policies

In today’s social media-driven day and age, simply drafting a compliant social media policy is not enough. After you are satisfied that you’ve drafted a social media policy in a compliant manner, you must take active steps to introduce the policy and any subsequent revisions on a company-wide basis.



Understanding Why Employees Steal … and How to Stop It

A recent study by University of Cincinnati doctoral student Jay Kennedy revealed that 64 percent of small businesses have lost items to employee theft.



Employee Wellness Programs Come With Legal Risks

Employee wellness programs are becoming increasingly popular, but companies need to be careful to not overstep their boundaries when instituting them.



4 Risk Management Lessons From the Big Guys

Smaller supply chains can successfully borrow from the big-company risk management playbook to address risk without having to have a centralized risk management program. Using these lessons, midsized organizations will be able to build a robust and effective risk management strategy



OSHA issues 2014 inspection plan to reduce injuries and illnesses at high-hazard workplaces


OSHA has issued its annual inspection plan under the Site-Specific Targeting 2014 program to direct enforcement resources to workplaces where the highest rates of injuries and illnesses occur.



Sustainability and Catastrophic Risk: What Business Leaders Can Learn from BP

BP systematically underestimated physical risks, costing the company $20 billion and the CEO his job. Catastrophic events can be ignored for a while, but if you plan to be in business for a long time, managing these sorts of events must be considered.



Beware of the Plumber? Third-Party Contractors Pose Business Security Risk

The news that the massive data breach that affected Target last December may have been caused by an HVAC contractor who was connected to the retail giant’s network may make small businesses consider re-evaluating the third parties that have access to their IT infrastructure.